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Sustainability at AFRY

Sustainability is part of AFRY’s business strategy and a prerequisite for AFRY’s business as a whole. We connect technologies to create sustainable progress for you.

Our ambition is to safeguard successful, long-term, sustainable development for you and the company itself in balance between social, environmental and financial interests.

With more than one hundred years of experience in helping our clients to find innovative technical solutions to a multitude of problems AFRY is firmly in the front rank of technical progress. We are proud of our history and what we have achieved and we are confident that we can do more together with our clients all over the world. We are prepared to take on your sustainable challenges.

By integrating the UN Global Compacts principles and the three perspectives of sustainability - Society, Ecology and Economy - in everything we do we believe that we can act as a key enabler for a more sustainable future for you and the people around you.

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AFRY x Gapminder: Climate action

How much of the excess heat from global warming ends up in the oceans?

Sustainability as a business strategy

Wherever and whenever AFRY is involved, we aim to help you to play a part in creating a more sustainable society by finding new solutions to old problems. Our sustainability policies and guidelines support this ambition, ensuring that we work in a fair and transparent way. We practice what we preach.

Every day we strive to improve your life by developing energy-efficient solutions, investments in infrastructure, assignments within various types of energy, projects for industry and more. We connect cities, countries and cultures with bridges, competence networks and mobile solutions. We generate jobs through technology that make companies grow and prosper.

Sustainable Stories

In AFRY Sustainable Stories you can read about some of AFRY’s recent assignments and how we, together with our clients, contribute to a more sustainable society.

Our experts are providing leading engineering and design solutions for generations to come, and the projects in the magazine AFRY Sustainable Stories are examples of how this is transformed into reality. 

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Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability at AFRY

"In recent years, we have seen a shift in people’s understanding of and commitment to issues related to sustainable development. Alarming figures on the pace of global warming, species that are becoming extinct and increasing social inequality have made many people react and change their lifestyle."

Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability at AFRY

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