CEO Jonas Gustavsson speaking at Fotografiska.

AFRY celebrates new brand with sustainability insights at the Museum of Photography

Today, 25 November, we launched our new brand AFRY at an event at the Museum of Photography in Stockholm. The agenda consisted of speeches on sustainability, insights in future cities and global development, and among the speakers was Anna Rosling Rönnlund of the Gapminder Foundation.

The afternoon commenced with a speech given by AFRY’s President and CEO Jonas Gustavsson, who spoke about the merger of ÅF and Pöyry. He talked about the company’s coming journey, under a new common brand, in which sustainability is key.

Jonas Gustavsson at Fotografiska2
Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO
Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability

“Our focus on sustainability is strengthened and our position as a global company consolidated with the launch of AFRY. I am particularly happy to be able to introduce our new brand with such a knowledge-based actor such as Gapminder present, at a place so well-known for its work in sustainability,” says Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO at AFRY.

Other speakers included AFRY’s Head of Sustainability Marie Trogstam and Helena Paulsson, Head of Urban Development, who shared insights from a new survey in which young Europeans were asked about their opinions on sustainability and future cities. The survey results will be published on our website on 26 November.

Helena Paulsson at Fotografiska
Helena Paulsson, Head of Urban Development
Anna Rosling at Fotografiska
Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Gapminder Foundation

Guest lecturer Anna Rosling Rönnlund of the Gapminder Foundation highlighted the global development. With the help of data visualisations and fact-based education materials, the Gapminder Foundation aims to spread a fact-based world view that everyone can understand.

“A lot is bad in the world, but at the same time there are many things that are a lot better than before. With Gapminder, we want to offer a better basis for decision-making by clarifying knowledge gaps, offering nuances and showing what the situation actually looks like in the world,” says Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Colleagues, clients and students were among the audience at the Museum of Photography. The attendees were given an advance copy of AFRY’s coming book Predicting the Unpredictable – a Nordic Approach to Shaping Future Cities, written by Jonas Gustavsson and Helena Paulsson. More information about the book and where it can be ordered will be published on our website on 27 November.