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AFRY - one of most popular employers among young professionals


We are proud to be one of Sweden’s most popular employers among young professionals

AFRY was ranked eighth in Academic Works Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI) 2020. Sustainability, innovation and a willingness to contribute to society is a recurring theme in the responses of 6188 young professionals - students and academics at the beginning of their careers. In the annual survey, Academic Work examines what young professionals value most when choosing their future employer, and at which employers they prefer to work.

“In this year’s survey, we can see the target group’s continued increased interest in climate and environment. If it’s possible to combine this with sustainability, technology or IT, it is an incredibly interesting combination for graduates at the beginning of their careers. A clear example of this is AFRY, which entered the top 10 list for the first time this year. AFRY has not only successfully communicated a name change over the past year, but they have also managed to communicate sustainability as a central part of their vision and business strategy”, says Julia Granström, responsible for the survey, Academic Work.

“Despite our long history, we believe that it is our focus on the future that attracts young professionals to AFRY. Here you can contribute to a higher purpose by creating sustainable engineering and design solutions with a long-term perspective. We have a strong focus on sustainability - it is a central part of our vision and business strategy, and we believe this has reached the engineers of the future “, says Linda Büchler, Global Talent Acquisition, AFRY.


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