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Celebrating the holiday season in support of UNICEF

AFRY and Unicef colleagues hold giant donation cheque for charity
Video message from AFRY and UNICEF
Watch the video from Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President at AFRY and Pernilla Baralt, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden

Message from Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President at AFRY

"Dear clients, partners, colleagues and friends, as this year is coming to an end, I really want to thank all of you for your hard work, devotion, and team effort.  

I am so proud of everything we have achieved together during 2022.

Your everyday work truly matters, and you all play an important role in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society.

Our holiday gift this year is a one million SEK donation to UNICEF, in support of their important work for children’s rights. We are happy to be able to contribute to UNICEF's lifesaving efforts for children and families in need.

Looking ahead, I am convinced we will continue to work together to identify opportunities and overcome challenges. I am very much looking forward to continued collaboration with all of you, and 2023 will be an exciting year.

With that said, I wish you a well-deserved, relaxing holiday season. Take care and stay safe. Happy Holidays!"

- Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President at AFRY

Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President at AFRY

Message from Pernilla Baralt, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden

“I would like to send a warm thank you to AFRY and all your staff for the donation to UNICEF and our work to provide life-saving support to children and their families in humanitarian emergencies around the world. 

It could not be more timely. Winter is fast approaching in many of the areas that are affected by emergencies - such as Ukraine, Pakistan and Afghanistan - and the need for life saving support is growing. UNICEF works around the clock to provide children and their families with essential support to survive such as clean water, nutrition and warm clothes and also support to ensure that children can continue to learn and develop including safe spaces and access to education. 

The generous donation from AFRY is a valuable contribution to UNICEF and will enable us to do even more for children across the world, not least for the most vulnerable children affected by emergencies.    

Your support also gives hope, and that is no small thing. Because where there is hope, there is also power for change and with change we have a chance to give every child a happy holiday. Thank you!” 

 Pernilla Baralt, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden 

Pernilla Baralt of UNICEF, Sweden, smiling at the camera
 Pernilla Baralt, Executive Director, UNICEF Sweden 


Find out how UNICEF drives change for children and young people every day, across the globe. Alike, if you at a personal level would like to buy a gift that make a difference to support, visit: UNICEF 

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