Sound of nature - to improve patient recovery

When it comes to recuperation and recovery, a relaxing and restful environment is necessary. To help out in the Covid-19 crisis, Efterklang, a part of AFRY, donates recorded nature sounds in portable speakers to Capio S:t Görans hospital in Stockholm.

Nature sounds and green environments have been linked with relaxation and well-being for hundreds of years. Recent studies, published in the journal Scientific Reports, shows that sounds from nature (birdsong, leaf blowing in the wind and water flowing down a stream) physically alter the connections in our brains, reducing our body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct. A walk in the woods – or even a sound machine that plays recordings from nature – has a significant impact on patient care outcome and decreases stress among medical staff.

The Covid-19 development has forced hospitals to make extreme temporary solutions. Patients are isolated and the noise pollution has increased. Conversation, footsteps, clattering equipment, mechanical noises, and alarms add to the din.

Martin Hallberg, Sound Designer and Concept Developer & Izabell Martinsson, Consultant, Efterklang

"Just before Easter we heard about the extreme situation at Capio S:t Görans hospital in Stockholm. Patients are isolated and very much left alone in their room and the hospital's sound equipment is insufficient to fulfil the patients' need for relaxation and recovery," says Martin Hallberg, Sound Designer and Concept Developer at Efterklang

At Efterklang, we design and secure sound environments. During Easter we recorded sound from three different nature environments in Skåne. These recordings have been integrated into small portable speakers. Patients and medical staff can choose between birdsong from Torup's bokskog, the sound of the ocean from Stenshuvud and forest ambiance from Dalby Söderskog.

"When we heard about the challenges at the Capio S:t Görans hospital, we wanted to contribute. With our knowledge within acoustics, sound and vibration, we know the positive impact sound can have on recovery and well-being for patients and medical staff. When the patients are not able to walk in the nature – we can bring nature to them," Martin continues.


For more information, please contact:

Martin Hallberg, Sound Designer and Concept Developer, Efterklang, +46 72 214 89 32


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