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AFRY FoodFactFinder – a new digital solution to counteract global food issues

Wed, 15/06/2022 - 08:00 CEST

AFRY is launching a new digital solution for calculating how changes in the world around us impact on our food production and consumption. The software takes into account factors such as the prevailing geopolitical situation, shortages of raw materials and culinary trends.


By working through different scenarios based on facts from the global food trade, technology and the sustainability index, the AFRY FoodFactFinder can calculate the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, water pollution and land management for each change scenario.

For example:‘What would happen if China’s 1.4 billion inhabitants changed their diet?’ or ‘What will happen in Ukraine now as cereals such as wheat are no longer available?’ and how these issues will impact our environment.

During crises and disasters, this tool will serve as a great solution for countries that are impacted by changes in food production. It will also be useful for countries that want to predict other changes in the future.

Sustainability and its impact on the market are key to our ability to plan future food production and take the right decisions.

A tool such as AFRY FoodFactFinder enhances knowledge and understanding of the issues and can even create the conditions for Sweden to become a pioneer. 

“FoodFactFinder is the solution we have needed for a long time, as it allows us to analyse, understand and predict future developments specifically in the area of food consumption and production.” Part of the climate issue must be solved through agriculture. We will be able to answer questions about ways to feed all the hungry people of the world and where they live, and what proportion of fats can be replaced by plant and mushroom-based alternatives,” explains Petri Vassara, Dr Tech & Vice President, Business and Concept Development.

The tool was presented at the Nordic Future Food trade fair in Stockholm, Sweden, that took place in June.


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