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AFRY City Integration Platform

The integration platform is the hub of the digital city

AFRY City Integration Platform is the market’s best solution to connect all city systems and units safely. It is the hub of the digital city that enables increased digitalisation and sustainability.

There are a few cities in the world that can really be called smart. Their common denominator is an integration platform that all city systems and units are connected to in an IT secure way. It enables each individual real estate owner, transport operator, store owner, private individual or municipal manager to optimise their business and make it more sustainable over time.

Quality assured and structured data

Today, many actors have their data spread across different systems, it is rarely retrieved and if it is, manual methods are used for compilation and analysis.

Our integration platform, AFRY City Integration Platform – powered by Aveva, can load data from all types of systems, new and old. The platform quality assures and stores data in a structured way, enabling and simplifying work with digital twins, BIM, geographic information systems, asset management and smart maintenance.

All connected systems can then use historical data in a standardised way for artificial intelligence (AI). The integration platform can also react to events in other systems and take action in real time.

Aerial view of New York at night with illuminated builings
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Proven and scalable solution

AFRY’s integration platform is the most installed, modular and scalable solution available on the market. Its use ranges from small companies right up to international organisations. All types of data streams can be loaded in real time and configured through the easy-to-use plug and play interface, no programming required.

The platform is product-independent, IT security certified and compliant with global standards. The system can be operated both locally and in the cloud and enables open data streams accessible to the public.

Basis for new sustainable services

The integration platform provides a wide range of opportunities to improve public services to inhabitants through personalised information, better accessibility, increased security, new sustainable services etc.

It is also possible to connect and freely exchange data with other systems, whether cities, industries, satellites, traffic systems or real estate systems etc. AFRY develops and offers ready-made modules for the platform, for example for traffic measurement and anti-skid measures.

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