action against corona

Action Against Corona

AFRY has teamed up with Norrsken Foundation and Dagens Industri in an initiative to fight the coronavirus and its implications. 

The aim is to mobilise support to startups and initiatives that can improve the situation for the billions of people whose lives are affected. 

Brave stories Rodrigo Pencheff

In Brave stories we meet some of the many brave and devoted team players within AFRY. 

Meet Rodrigo Pencheff, Lighting Engineer at Light Bureau, part of AFRY. 

"Light is a mood changer just like music."

Rodrigo Pencheff
 Øyfjellet wind farm

Tailwind in the Norwegian mountains

Wind power’s growth and potential are considerable, but wind farms often stir up strong emotions. Where many see climate benefits and economic gains, local inhabitants often perceive wind turbines as a threat to their immediate environment. One example where the positive attitude of residents has instead been crucial is the Øyfjellet wind farm, which will be one of Norway’s largest.

New brand. ÅF and Pöyry come together as AFRY.

We are 17,000 engineers, designers and advisors, brave enough to stand up for what we believe in. We create solutions within infrastructure, industry and energy to make a sustainable difference for generations to come. Not in words, but in action. We don't care much about making history. We care about making future.

Three women looking at the camera
A group of five adults walking on a roof terrace

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