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Introduction to General Meetings

AGM 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held at 16:00 (CEST) on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 at the company’s headquarters, Frösundaleden 2A, Solna, Sweden.

Attendance registration form for natural persons (in Swedish):

Special arrangements because of the risk for spread of the virus COVID-19

The continued development of the coronavirus outbreak remains difficult to evaluate with any certainty. At the time of issue of this convening notice, the Public Health Agency of Sweden has made the assessment that the risk for spread of the virus is very high. In order to reduce risk for general spread of the virus, it is the agency’s recommendation to avoid large gatherings and crowds. If one cannot avoid this, any time spent in such a situation should be kept at a minimum. ÅF Pöyry cares for the shareholders’ well-being as well as the opportunity for them to exercise their shareholder rights at the AGM. For this reason, the Board of Directors has decided to implement certain precautionary measures for the AGM on 28 April 2020.

The arrangements at the AGM will change as follows.

  • Shareholders will be able to follow a live webcast of the AGM, provided that the AGM approves the procedure. To join the webcast, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +46 (0) 10 505 00 00.
  • No food or drinks will be served in connection with the meeting.
  • The time for registration is 15:30. Please note that congestion may arise if many participants arrive just before the opening of the meeting.
  • Due to prevailing circumstances, CEO Jonas Gustavsson and Chairman Anders Narvinger will not be present.
  • The CEO’s address will be recorded in advance and be published on the company’s webpage in connection with the AGM. Shareholders who wish to ask questions to the CEO, are asked to send their questions in advance to
  • The number of non-shareholders will be limited.
  • The timeframe for the meeting will be kept to a minimum, without restricting the shareholders’ rights.

In light of the authorities’ recommendations and for shareholders who are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, who belong to a risk group, who have recently visited risk areas or been in contact with infected persons, or who feel ill/show symptoms of infection, the shareholders are asked to carefully consider the possibility not to attend the meeting in person and instead attend by proxy.

In case another venue than the company’s headquarters is deemed more appropriate from the perspective of reducing risk, the venue for the AGM may change closer to the day of the AGM.

ÅF Pöyry AB is closely monitoring the development and will if necessary update the information regarding the AGM at this webpage.

AGM 2019

The Annual General Meeting 2019 was held at 4 pm (CEST) on May 15 2019 at AFRY headquarters, Frösundaleden 2A, Solna, Sweden.

Extra General Meeting January 16, 2019

An Extra General Meeting  was held at 4 PM Wednesday January 16, 2019 (not January 10 as previously announced) at AFRY Headquarters, Frösundaleden 2a, Solna, Sweden.

AGM 2018

The Annual General Meeting 2018 was held Wednesday April 25 2018 at ÅF Headquarters, Frösundaleden 2a, Solna, Sweden.

AGM 2017

ÅF’s General Meeting 2017 was held at 4 pm (CET) on April 25, 2017 at ÅF’s headquarters, Frösundaleden 2A, Solna, Sweden.

AGM 2016

ÅF’s General Meeting 2016 was held at 4 pm (CET) on April 27, 2016 at ÅF’s headquarters, Frösundaleden 2A, Solna, Sweden.

AGM 2014

ÅF's General Meeting 2014 was held on Monday the 5th of May at ÅF's head office, Frösundaleden 2A, Solna, Sweden.

AGM 2013

ÅF's General Meeting 2013 was held on the 26th of April at ÅF's head office, Frösundaleden 2, Solna, Sweden.

General Meetings

The General Meeting is AFRY’s highest decision-making body and is the forum in which ÅF Pöyry’s shareholders exercise their voting rights.

The notices to attend AFRY’s General Meetings are made through advertisements in the Swedish Official Gazette (Sw. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar) and on the AFRY website. Shareholders who are registered in the share register on the record day, and who have given sufficient notice of participation, have the right to participate in the shareholders’ meeting.

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