Anna Vidlund

Career Story - Anna Vidlund

Anna Vidlund is a Senior Principal in the Energy branch of AFRY Management Consulting. Find out more about her work at AFRY.

What is your role at AFRY and what is your professional background?

I work as a Senior Principal within the Energy branch of AFRY Management Consulting. We are sector-specific advisors and support the different actors in the energy scene to navigate the energy transition. Our services cover strategy, market analysis, transaction services, and digital & organisational transformation.

I have a background in the production side of the energy sector and have worked in a wide range of roles, for example, strategic investments in the district heating sector, solar development in India, and operations of hydro power in the Nordics.

Anna Vidlund

What do you enjoy about working for AFRY Management Consulting?

The first thing I must mention is the friendly and open culture at AFRY and in our great team in Sweden. We have a collaborative and supportive way of working and a healthy approach to work-life balance. And we have fun together.

But the key thing is of course the 100% focus on the energy transition. Together with the team, I get to work closely with the market actors during one of the largest changes that the energy system has ever gone through.

When did your work at AFRY allow you to contribute towards Making future?

For me, it is the mix of different types of actors that makes what we do interesting. During my time at AFRY I have worked with network companies that are developing capabilities to meet the huge increase in demand for grid services, and energy companies that are struggling to understand the changing market conditions. We are often supporting developers and investors that are growing their Nordic portfolio of wind, solar, batteries, hydrogen and biogas projects. Another category is both new and existing actors that are developing new digital business models to find new value streams together with their customers.

In what area are you passionate about making a difference?

I like connecting the dots, finding the right experts and team for each project and challenge. It's not so much about what I can do, but what we can do together as a team, and from that perspective we are able to cover most aspects of the energy transition. Some areas that I personally hope to work more with during 2023 are for example hydrogen, renewable fuels, and to support investments in the Nordic energy area.

What should clients know about your projects and what can they expect from working with you?

I will do my best to understand the customer's needs and strive to create an open and trustful relationship. In this way we can focus the project on where the most value is and where AFRY's competence compliments the internal strengths of the customer.