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Career Story - Björn Thelin

Björn Thelin describes his role as a Manager in the Bioindustry sector, focusing on wood products.

What is your role at AFRY, and what is your professional background?

I am a Manager in the Bioindustry sector, focusing on Wood Products. I joined AFRY Management Consulting in 2017, previously working at a global pulp and paper manufacturer. I have a degree in Finance and Accounting from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

What do you enjoy about working for AFRY Management Consulting?

I enjoy many things here. The wide variety of projects and assignments we work on means that I never get bored, and it provides an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge continually. The positive team spirit, working alongside industry experts to answer questions and tackle challenges in our industries, also motivates me. The flexible work setup, which allows me to combine work with my private commitments and interests, is a sign of a modern and forward-thinking employer.

Bjorn Thelin

Which of the AFRY values, Brave, Devoted & Team Player, resonates with you most and why?

Being a Team Player! So much of what we do requires us to work together in teams towards a common goal, helping and supporting each other. This has become even more important since the pandemic, when work had to be done completely remotely, and I believe cooperation with colleagues and clients is an absolute requirement in order to be successful with us.

What should clients know about your projects, and what can they expect from working with you?

Clients can expect unparalleled depth and breadth of industry expertise within the sectors in which we operate. Our extensive experience and network of experts, both internal and external, provide an excellent foundation for delivering successful projects, which is complemented by dedicated project teams committed to supporting our clients in achieving their objectives.