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Career Story - Sivashankari Bharathi

Meet Sivashankari Bharathi, a Consultant based in our New York office.

What is your role at AFRY, and what is your professional background?

I am a consultant at the New York office, working mostly on the market side of pulp and paper industry grades. AFRY is actually my first job post-graduation, but I majored in Sustainable Materials and Technology, graduating from North Carolina State University in 2020.

What do you enjoy about working for AFRY Management Consulting?

Some things I really enjoy about working at AFRY are probably being able to work on various different markets across the pulp, paper, and packaging sectors. As the North American team does not specialize per person, it really gives us the opportunity to learn new information across the different markets. I also really enjoy the ability to have hybrid work as well as having the opportunity to interact with clients or other AFRY teams either virtually or in person!

In what area are you passionate about making a difference?

I am passionate about making a difference within the sustainability industry, given that it's an important topic of discussion throughout all ends of the value chain. I also started off as an intern at the New York office before joining full time, and I was able to understand what AFRY was all about, and therefore was excited to join the team since it aligned with my passions.

Besides your job, tell us more about yourself. What do you like outside your work?

Aside from my job at AFRY, I like to spend my time playing tennis, exploring the city and its various restaurants with my friends, watching TV shows and cricket matches, along with reading!

Sivashankari Bharathi, a New York based consultant of AFRY Management Consulting