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Career Story - Stuart Murray

Joining as an intern 18 years ago, Stuart Murray provides insight into how his career has developed since joining AFRY.

Why did you choose to work at AFRY?

I joined our UK-based Management Consulting Division as an intern 18 years ago while studying environmental economics because I believed Sustainability and Carbon Pricing were important. I really enjoyed the multi-disciplinary projects and the opportunity to learn from world-class energy sector experts which convinced me to stay.

What work have you particularly enjoyed since you started?

There is no better industry to be in and the energy transition is an incredibly complex and interesting challenge. To be at the forefront of resolving climate change problems is fascinating. Consulting gives immense opportunities to work on a diverse range of problems and I love seeing windfarms we have advised on coming to fruition off coastlines. I’ve had my family since joining AFRY and currently work a 9 day fortnight to spend a day every two weeks with my nursery age daughter, and I cherish that once in a lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with her.

Stuart Murray

What has been your career path to date?

I’m now a Senior Principal, moving up through the grades. During that time I have been mainly office based in the UK but with fascinating opportunities for international travel, spending periods of time in Germany, Saudi Arabia and the USA. I worked in the US from 2017-2020, setting up a new energy consulting team, before moving back to the UK and recruiting my permanent successor in 2021. Its opportunities like these, the varied projects added to the approach to flexible working that keeps me at AFRY.