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5G for the industry

Wireless connectivity for plants is an important step towards industrial digitalisation. The 5G-technique can simplify and increase stability and provide better coverage.  

AFRY’s way of working with industrial digitalisation and connectivity helps you become more effective than your competitors. We put technology and digital solutions to work to increase your productivity and lower your cost. 

AFRY has more than 100 years of experience from working with the industry. It’s fair to say that we know the industry and the importance to follow in times of change. We also have deep knowledge regarding connectivity and digital solutions. By combining our industrial expertise with radio and digital knowledge AFRY becomes a partner that can support and challenge you.  

Connecting utilities in plants is not the complex part, the complexity often lays in focusing on the right use case, making sure you really get the improvement you are looking for. In some cases, there are also new partners, new players, new opportunities for business, new business cases, etc. to take in consideration.   

AFRY advisory services are based on our expertise in industry market and knowledge in digital and radio solutions. We are happy to help you with everything from defining your first step, to maximising effectivity. 

Among many things, AFRY can advise you in:  

  • Defining use case 
  • Road map 5G implementation 
  • A step by step plan, based on your prerequisites to implement 5G 
  • Project management industrial digitalisation  
  • Utility mapping 
  • Eco system management 

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Anna Rydäng

Manager, Industrial Digitalisation

Gustav Sandberg

Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems