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5G for the industry

Your end-to-end partner throughout your connectivity journey

Wireless connectivity for plants is an important step towards industrial digitalisation. The 5G-technique can simplify and increase stability and provide better coverage.  

AFRY’s way of working with industrial digitalisation and connectivity helps you become more effective than your competitors. We put technology and digital solutions to work to increase your productivity and lower your cost.

AFRY has more than 100 years of experience from working with the industry. It’s fair to say that we know the industry and the importance to follow in times of change. We also have deep knowledge regarding connectivity and digital solutions. By combining our industrial expertise with radio and digital knowledge AFRY becomes a partner that can support and challenge you.  

Connecting utilities in plants is not the complex part, the complexity often lays in focusing on the right use case, making sure you really get the improvement you are looking for. In some cases, there are also new partners, new players, new opportunities for business, new business cases, etc. to take in consideration.  

AFRY advisory services are based on our expertise in industry market and knowledge in digital and radio solutions. We are happy to help you with everything from defining your first step, to maximising effectivity.

Our key competences include Space tech & Satcom, IP networks, Mobile networks, Private 5G networks (read more below), Radio & Wireless, Fibre optical networks, IoT & Industrial IoT, AI and Data centers.

Among many things, AFRY can help you with:

  • Advisory and strategy within digitalisation and connectivity
  • Making a step by step plan to implement 5G, based on your prerequisites
  • Project and change management
  • Utility mapping & Eco system management
  • Systems engineering
  • System integration
  • System procurement
Eskil Bendz, unit manager at AFRY within connectivity and communication systems
Insights from our connectivity expert
Eskil Bendz, PhD and manager at AFRY, is heading a group of experts in connectivity and communication systems. We asked him about tomorrow’s connected industry.

Private 5G networks - for enhanced control, security, and efficiency in the operations

Connectivity is the foundation for all digitalisation. Private 5G is a highly interesting choice to enable secure and sustainable connectivity for production and operations. Private 5G networks offer dedicated bandwidth and tailored services that are not shared with the public, ensuring that sensitive data remains within the control of the company. This is particularly important for industries that require high reliability and low latency, such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

With private 5G, businesses can leverage the high speed and low latency of 5G technology to enable advanced applications like autonomous robots, augmented reality, safety applications, and real-time analytics for improved efficiency in the operations. Additionally, private 5G networks can be customised to meet specific business needs, offering a level of flexibility that is not possible with public networks.

Security is also a significant factor, as private networks can be designed with robust security measures to protect against cyber threats. Private 5G networks provide a competitive edge through improved connectivity, enhanced security, and the ability to support innovative technologies that drive digital transformation.

AFRY’s expertise in private 5G networks

AFRY is your end-to-end partner throughout your connectivity journey. Our support spans the entire project life cycle – from advisory and design to implementation and validation.

As a leading engineering and design company with a global client base in every engineering sector, we stand out in the connectivity sector with our unique combination of client knowledge, innovative connectivity solutions, and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions that align with the clients' business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private 5G Networks:

What is a private 5G network? Arrow pointing right

A private 5G network is a dedicated network infrastructure built for specific organisational use. It can utilise licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum and is designed to support the unique requirements of that organisation, offering greater control over data security, reliability, and network performance.

How does private 5G differ from public 5G? Arrow pointing right

Unlike public 5G networks that serve the general public, private 5G networks are restricted to specific users and devices within an organisation. This exclusivity allows for customised network configurations, enhanced security protocols, and optimised services tailored to business operations.

What are the benefits of private 5G networks? Arrow pointing right

Private 5G networks offer several advantages, including high bandwidth, low latency, increased privacy and security, and the ability to handle a large number of connected devices. They are particularly beneficial in industrial environments for applications such as automation, robotics, and real-time analytics.

Can private 5G networks be integrated with existing systems? Arrow pointing right

Yes, private 5G networks can be designed to work alongside existing communication systems, including Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks. This integration allows organisations to leverage the strengths of each technology and ensure seamless connectivity across various platforms.

What are the deployment options for private 5G networks? Arrow pointing right

Deployment options for private 5G networks include wholly owned and operated networks, hybrid private-public cloud networks, and private 5G delivered via network slicing. Organisations can choose the model that best fits their operational needs and technical capabilities.

Are there any industry-specific use cases for private 5G? Arrow pointing right

Private 5G networks are versatile and can be applied across multiple industries. Manufacturing, mining, ports, healthcare, and logistics are some sectors that can benefit significantly from the adoption of private 5G, leveraging its high-speed and low-latency characteristics for various applications.

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Eskil Bendz

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