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From a design perspective, the industry faces a significant challenge in unifying digital and physical assets and adapting to contemporary digital standards. This demands creating interconnected ecosystems and aligning with current market trends. The solution lies in harmonising all kinds of design with digital strategies to meet evolving industry needs.

Scania Smart Dash - AFRY Experience Studios
Dive into the Smart Dash
We collaborate with a diverse group of prominent clients across various industries. Allow us to delve into a specific project that highlights our expertise.

Assisting in the design of Scania's new digital platform: Smart Dash

Scania sought our support in developing their groundbreaking digital platform, Smart Dash. This platform serves as a digital workspace designed specifically for truck and bus drivers, revolutionising Scania's digital presence and navigation strategies.

We collaborated with Scania in the construction and formulation of a visual design strategy. Drawing inspiration from Scania's own brand strategies, we aimed to create a seamless user experience (UX) that positions Scania as a relevant premium brand with a distinct digital edge.


AFRY's dynamic design team

To meet the challenge head-on, we curated a dynamic and diverse design team consisting of specialists in visual design, art direction, UX design, motion, and visualisation. A dedicated test team conducted real driver evaluations to ensure the design's effectiveness and user-friendliness.

In close collaboration with developers, we supported the translation of the design vision into a unique product. This contribution aims to set the stage for an enhanced user experience, with the hope that it resonates positively with a wide audience in the future.

Smart Dash - AFRY and Scania

What can AFRY offer?

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At AFRY, we assemble cross-functional teams with precision, aligning experts in Physical Product Design, UX and Service Design, CMF specialists, and various field-specific professionals. Your project receives the exact knowledge it demands, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach.

Read about our flexible design team that crafted the award-winning e-bike 'Crescent Elmer'.

red dot winner crescent elmer ebike 2023
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Our team of innovation strategists, brand experts, designers, and visual artists work with a suite of tools including strategic/speculative scenario development, strategic back casting, ecosystem and opportunity mapping, and user research in order to aid clients.

Our team seamlessly integrates sustainability into every phase of the product design journey, including the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective. From inception to completion, we prioritise sustainability, ensuring environmentally conscious solutions.

child running
CMF expertise (Color, Material, Finish) Arrow pointing right

Drawing inspiration from the automotive industry, our team elevates design with insights, specialising in crafting bespoke material solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Integrating sustainability into CMF choices is essential for reducing environmental impact, meeting consumer demand, and aligning with evolving regulatory standards. This approach, emphasising recyclability and transparency, not only enhances a company's eco-responsibility but also extends product lifespan and enhances market competitiveness in a growing eco-conscious market.

CMF for Polestar seats
Polestar seats with natural fiber composite components
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Our teams effectively handle a variety of project needs, paying careful attention to the details that shape surface design. We add finesse to the finalisation phase, ensuring your project meets both aesthetic and functional goals.

This commitment extends to our comprehensive visual solutions. Supported by a skilled team in visualisation, image production and VR expertise, we bring your conceptual ideas to life in visually engaging ways. Our expertise lies in crafting imagery and film of photorealistic precision that is used for high-end marketing and communication.

Visualisation design by AFRY
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AFRY steps in not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner. We provide design strategies tailored for individual projects or the creation of a cohesive vision for an entire product family with diverse touchpoints.

Whether you are looking to understand your organisational challenges, improve customer experience or drive transitions, our team of experts is here to help.

Design strategy & advisory
Experience Studios

AFRY Experience Studios

AFRY Experience Studios is where brand meets service, business, and product. We connect the dots from strategy and innovation to the very design of each solution. All aimed to create sustainable and meaningful experiences that genuinely impact people, businesses, and society.

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