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From Business to Buttons 2024


From: 23-May-2024 To: 24-May-2024

One of Europe's premier Design Conferences

FBTB is one of Europe's premier Design Conferences, held annually in Stockholm, Sweden.
It's the meeting place for anyone who wants inspiration and hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great experiences.
We all appreciate great services and products – the ones that bring meaning to our lives, help us overcome difficult tasks, or just offer moments of pure delight. We love to use them almost as much as we enjoy creating them.

The 23rd of May we have workshops, the 24th of May is the main event day. Join us!

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MOVEMENT – Sparking change in a complex world

Imagine a world without the drive for progress – a world where change, human rights, and innovation are absent. Progress is essential, but it demands caution.

Today, we face complex challenges like ongoing wars, global warming, and social injustices. Yet, there are change agents all around us who are tirelessly working for justice and sustainability.

Join us at FBTB24 to reflect on your role and learn how design can mitigate risks, ignite change, and make systems thinking empathic. Our speakers will inspire you to take action in complex situations and create impactful solutions together.

It's time to spark change in this complex world. Welcome!

Read the complete FBTB24 Manifesto.

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Sparking change in a complex world!
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