Wind and solar farm in Vietnam

PPA markets in APAC: Playing to win the decarbonisation race



Renewable energy is a key lever to achieving Net Zero for corporates, but for those with extensive operations and supply chains in APAC, limited access to renewable energy has been a prevailing challenge. As governments push for expanding installed capacity of renewables and re-write local power market rules, developing market competence is now an imperative for corporates looking to decarbonise in APAC.

In the webinar, AFRY’s experts provide an APAC renewable energy market outlook, introduce available renewable electricity procurement options recognised by RE100 across APAC markets, discuss corporate renewable energy strategies, and share best practices. We aim to provide corporations with a power market rulebook in order to play to win the decarbonisation race.

Discover how AFRY can help you form long-term views on the renewable energy market to juggle both competitiveness and sustainability.

Wind and solar farm in Vietnam


Matthew Heling - 东南亚区负责人,AFRY管理咨询

Matthew Heling

Head of Management Consulting - Energy, Asia Pacific

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Peipei Gao  - China Management Consulting Lead

Peipei Gao

China Management Consulting Lead