Health and Safety Commitment

At Process Industries Division, the safety and well-being of the people is our top value. We are dedicated to protecting the safety and health of everyone involved in our projects and working in our offices. We are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and health throughout each working day.

We believe that all accidents and injuries are preventable, and that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to create a culture of safety excellence and believe that safety and health are essential for our business success.


Safety is our key priority and our target is 100% safety

At AFRY Process Industries division we care for our colleagues. We always react immediately if we see any risk to someone's health, safety, or wellbeing. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Our way of working is to create and maintain safety as an integrated part of all our work - internally in our own operations as well as externally in our customer work.

We must ensure good Health and Safety for all of our employees, co-workers, and partners. We want that all of our employees go home safe every day.


Anna Savunen - Head of Global HSE Services

Anna Savunen

Head of Global HSE Services

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