AFRY is part of the International Hydro Association Sustainability council

The council works for expanding and improving knowledge in hydropower sustainability with governing the sustainability trainings, tools and how-to guides.

The Council governs the Hydropower Sustainability Standard, a certification system that was launched in September 2021 and is widely recognised by the International Hydropower Association, multilateral banks and civil society organisations. They also govern the Sustainability Tools that define and measure sustainability in the hydropower sector. The tools provide a common language to allow governments, civil society, financial institutions and the hydropower sector to discuss and evaluate sustainability issues.

The Sustainability Council includes representatives of social, community and environmental organisations, governments, commercial and development banks and the hydropower sector. This inclusive approach to governance ensures that all stakeholder voices are heard in the shaping of the use of the HS Standard and the Tools.

Knut Sierotzki Vice President, Hydropower Asia at AFRY has been part of the council since 2021 and Linda Pålsson, Head of Hydro at AFRY says;

I’m so proud that we are a part of this important initiative that is well in line with AFRY’s commitment and mission to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society. The world's largest renewable energy source, hydropower is really a part of the solution to succeeding in the energy transition and also to prevent climate change.

AFRY has supported the transition to low carbon, clean energy power sources, and energy efficiency since the early 1990s. As consultants and thought leaders, we advise policymakers, utilities, industry players, developers, financiers, and end-users to define appropriate actions during all stages of the energy transition. As engineers, we deliver innovative solutions to achieve sustainability goals.