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How to prevent and mitigate the effects of Covid-19 at construction sites and production units?

Written by Marika Hahtala

How to prevent and mitigate the effects of Covid-19 at construction sites and production units?

How to ensure that your construction site or production unit can continue operations during these challenging times? What measures to take to keep your personnel safe and continue operations without breaks or losses?

We are currently facing an unforeseen global challenge—Covid-19. It not only affects us as individuals, with restrictions on commuting and collaboration, but it also has a massive impact on economics and business. The market demand is decreasing in specific sectors, such as some special retail shops and restaurants, causing lay-offs and financial damages, while some other sectors are overworked in order to meet the increasing demand for critical products, such as protection equipment, personal hygiene products, and pharmaceuticals.

Having even one infected person in the workplace may cause closure of the whole construction site or production unit. The aim is to stabilise the situation so that all possible operations can continue regardless of the virus or restrictions. What are the actions that can be taken to mitigate the effect Covid-19 may have on your construction site or production unit?

Based on our Health and Safety expertise supported by strong competence in construction management, the steps to be taken are:


  • Plan with employees how to minimise risk while continuing to work, e.g.:
    • How many people can work in one group?
    • Is it possible to use the same teams?
    • Smaller groups enable easier quarantine procedures if someone is infected.
  • Evaluate the need for additional protective equipment, such as respirator masks.


  • Daily updates and information regarding the situation available in the mobile application, the website or the portal.
  • Stress the importance of self-evaluation before entering site or plant.
    • Testing is availability for all employees.
  • Inform employees of the possibility of remote work.
  • Alert employees to travel restrictions.


  • Arrange instruction to all staff members regarding, e.g.:
    • Hygiene (how to correctly wash hands, covering mouth with arm when coughing).
    • Social distancing (during operations, during lunch time, during breaks).
  • Organise sufficient signage and clear written instructions around the workplace to:
    • Illustrate the above rules of hygiene.
    • Indicate the maximum number of people allowed in various spaces/rooms.
  • Facilitate additional hand and surface sanitation around the plant or site.
  • Coordinate increased cleaning efforts.


  • Continue supervision.
  • Further definite instructions if necessary.
  • Take staff reports of possible infection seriously.

With our support you will be able to develop and define the efficient procedures, plans, and instructions you need at your workplace to mitigate the effects of Covid-19. We can also help you select the most beneficial mobile applications and other support tools available. Our resources are available to help you tailor staff training according to the specific processes and operations at your plant or site, including daily follow-ups.

Our resources and experts in site supervision are available via our global office network and ready to support your daily operations. We are here for you!

Anna Savunen - Head of Global HSE Services

Anna Savunen

Head of Global HSE Services

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