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Insights from CES 2024: Navigating Automotive Trends

By Johan Andinsson, Automotive Expert at AFRY

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 brought to light numerous pioneering technologies set to reshape the automotive industry. With this article, we aim to uncover the potential impacts these innovations will have on the future of automotive. Johan Andinsson from AFRY lends his expertise to guide us through the emerging trends and their significance.

AFRY at CES 2024

Electric Vehicles (EVs): Bigger, Better, Faster

Electric vehicles are taking center stage with their rapid advancements. The development of robust charging infrastructures and enhanced charging capacities promise a new chapter in electric mobility. Industry giants are leveraging novel advancements like AI to create smarter and more efficient EVs.

Industrial Metaverse: Turbocharging Productivity

The convergence of new technologies and platforms like the Industrial Metaverse, exemplified by Siemens Xcelerator and Samsung Gauss, is catapulting productivity into a new dimension. The integration of Generation AI capabilities in our devices and vehicles is turbocharging efficiency, fostering a dynamic landscape where winners and losers in the marketplace are becoming more apparent.

MBUX Voice Assistant
MBUX Voice Assistant.

The Influence of Gen Z: Shaping Consumer Expectations

Gen Z is steering the narrative towards customer-centric products and services. Their demand for "affordable premium" with hyper-personalised options and seamless digital experiences is reshaping the automotive landscape. Industry players like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and BMW are responding with AI-powered virtual assistants and innovative partnerships to meet these evolving expectations.

Sustainability and Inclusivity: A Shared Responsibility

The conversation around making the world a better place resonates strongly in the automotive industry, with Hyundai, KIA, and Samsung showcasing solutions for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future. Transparent steel solutions, upcycling initiatives, and incremental improvements in energy efficiency underscore the collective commitment towards a net-zero future.

Future Roles in the Age of Gen AI: Beyond Automation

As we move beyond Generation AI, questions about future roles in the workforce emerge. Will we become gatekeepers and evaluators of AI-generated results? The Siemens "Industrial Metaverse" stands out as a platform solution that integrates digital twins, software-defined automation, and AI, offering a glimpse into the potential roles and responsibilities in the evolving industrial landscape.

Inclusive Tech: Empowering Diverse Abilities

The emergence of inclusive technologies, from smart wheelchairs to hearable eyewear, showcases a commitment to accessibility. Big tech giants like Microsoft and Google are contributing with assistive technologies, fostering an environment where innovation is built on the experiences and data of individuals with disabilities.

Siemens SONY Immersive Engineering
Siemens SONY Immersive Engineering.

Future Mobility: Shaping Consumer EV Value

While self-driving vehicles are on the horizon, current priorities lie in delivering consumer value in Electric Vehicles. Running AI on devices and vehicles is transforming user experiences, with innovations like FLEXOUND Augmented Audio creating personalised sound spaces within vehicles. The evolution in Software Defined Vehicles, sustainable material choices, and advancements in battery technologies promise to revolutionise the mobility sector.

Honda Saloon EV concept with charge point ambitions
Honda Saloon EV concept with charge point ambitions.

Challenges and Opportunities: Navigating AI Integration

CES 2024 underscores the centrality of AI, customer experience, personalisation, and development speed. Collaboration, consortia, and joint ventures are not just survival strategies but avenues for creating collective impact. The challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry with AI integration beckon a cross-collaborative approach to navigate the unfolding context.

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In conclusion, CES 2024 brings us to the forefront of a transformative era where the automotive industry is adapting to change and actively shaping the future.

With our proficiency in automotive engineering and consulting, AFRY is strategically positioned to address and embrace the emerging trends from CES 2024. Our dedicated team of more than 2,000 automotive experts is committed to assisting clients in navigating the complexities of the evolving automotive landscape, enabling them to seize the diverse opportunities presented by these trends.

Together, let's stay at the forefront of innovation and leverage our expertise to drive success in the dynamic automotive industry.

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