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New report: creating cities for people

Written by Helena Paulsson
Future Cities Insight #12 New report: creating cities for people
AFRY was a Top Partner at Urban Future Global Conference (UFGCE) 22-24 May this year and we had the pleasure of engaging with many of the CityChangers at the conference. We’re always looking to share knowledge and get new insight - so who better to ask some questions about future cities than the participants who attended UFGC.

“What makes a city attractive?”, “What risks and challenges do you see in the development of future cities?” and “What are the key factors to develop sustainable cities?” were some of the questions we asked. Approximately 150 people from 52 cities in 29 countries in six continents answered the survey.  

People in focus 

We have put together our insights from that survey in a small report: Creating cities for people.

According to the survey green and recreative areas, development of public transportation, brave politicians and biking are the most important factors in future city development – always with people in mind.  

“The importance of understanding and planning cities for people is something that cannot be stressed upon enough,” says Helena Paulsson, Head of Urban Development, AFRY. “If we start with our human needs, without jeopardizing the access to nature and its resources, we will have liveable and attractive cities for all.”

 Enjoy the report here!


Helena Paulsson - VP and Head of Business Area Architecture and Design

Helena Paulsson

VP and Head of Business Area Architecture and Design

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