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Immigrated Competence


In 2015, AFRY started a recruiting project to attract and recruit more foreign-born and recently immigrated engineers.

Amir Nazari was designated as a diversity coach in 2016 and the programme has been further developed under his leadership. Since then, over 200 trainees have been brought in through the programme, almost all of them have been employed by AFRY to date after concluding their trainee period.

“There is a shortage of engineers with experience and the substantial need for recruiting was a major factor for starting the project,” says Amir Nazari. “Engineering expertise is, despite all, rather limited here in Sweden and there aren’t enough skilled people for all the projects and the technical development that we want to conduct here in Sweden. So for the organisation, it is an absolute necessity to look beyond Sweden’s borders and bring in people and expertise from other countries.”

It was mainly newly immigrated engineers who came in via the programme at the beginning. These days it’s even foreign-born engineers who have lived in Sweden for a longer period, guest students and people who have been recruited directly from other countries who are coming in. In addition to the need for expertise, the development of the company is also an important part of the project. Getting people with other perspectives is important. People from the programme often bring new creative ideas and dynamics to the workplace. They open new ways of discussing and solving problems.

“Diversity creates engagement, creates harmony, creates dynamics,” says Amir Nazari. “The working environment becomes much better, with more energy and a greater sense of joy.”

Connecting with diverse talents

We want to attract more people into our organization with different backgrounds and perspectives. Diversity is positive in many ways for AFRY. We know that it drives speed and innovation. Our campaign to recruit more newly arrived engineers to boost AFRY’s skills bank has proved successful. In addition to diversity and inclusion being an important part of all our recruitment processes, we also have two Inclusion & Diversity managers, specifically tasked with increasing diversity at AFRY. Several engineers who were born outside Sweden started internships at AFRY in 2016.

Get in touch!

We are always looking for the sharpest designers and engineers that want to develop future societies with us. Please specify in your CV and cover letter your previous work experience and educational details. We are very much looking forward to receiving your application.

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Sofia Klingberg

Inclusion & Diversity Manager
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Amir Nazari

Inclusion & Diversity Manager
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Meet Zain

Zain Nadra was the first female participant in the AFRY New Immigrated Engineers project. Zain, a mechanical engineer from Syria, came to Sweden in 2015. After a job placement at AFRY in Stockholm, she is now a full time employee.