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Immigrated Competence

Connecting with diverse talents

At AFRY we endorse diversity in all its forms. We know that it drives speed, innovation and joy. Inclusion is an important part of our company culture.

Immigrated Competence Programme

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Immigrated Competence is an individual coaching and matching programme to attract and recruit more foreign-born and recently immigrated engineers.

The programme is available for newly immigrated engineers, foreign-born engineers who have lived in Sweden for a longer period, guest students and talents who currently live in other countries and wants to work in Sweden. In addition to the need for expertise, the development of the company is also an important part of this initiative. Getting people with other perspectives and backgrounds is important to us. It brings new creative ideas and dynamics to the workplace.

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Competence & Application

The most important thing is to understand each candidate’s competence. We need to understand your immigrated competence regardless of which country you are applying to. To us, competence is always the most important thing. And we know that competence comes in all shapes and looks – that’s what creates innovation and makes life at AFRY so interesting. At AFRY, everyone fits in, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, or origin.

Interested in Immigrated Competence Programme? Send your application by creating a profile.

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Job opportunites

To meet our long-term recruitment needs we have a structured recruitment process with a focus on inclusion and long-term relationships. This ambition is compiled in AFRY Recruitment Principles.


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What is Immigrated Competence programme?

It’s an individual coaching and matching programme, where AFRY coaches candidates, recruiters and managers within AFRY in finding the best new talents.

Who is Immigrated Competence programme for?

It's for everybody that has examinations from abroad that have a relevant background for AFRY’s demand of technical competences.

How can I apply?

You can start by creating a profile at AFRYs webpage and look for relevant positions, and look out for initiatives where AFRY is active in.

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Sofia Klingberg, Inclusion & Diversity Manager

Seeking job as a newcomer – three useful tips

Are you in the process of finding a new job, in another country than your country of origin? Sofia Klingberg, Inclusion and Diversity Manager at AFRY, shares some useful advice that can come in handy when you are looking for your next job.


Immigrated Competence Handbook – advice and guides to enhance recruitment of foreign born engineers

To support and inspire other companies who would like to get started with or increase their recruitment of foreign born engineers, AFRY has developed a handbook with tips and tricks, guides, checklists and stories. The handbook is available in Swedish and English and is of course free to use. Download the English version below and the Swedish version here.

AFRY Inclusion und Diversity

Get in touch!

We are always looking for the sharpest designers and engineers that want to develop future societies with us.

Sofia Klingberg - Inclusion & Diversity Manager

Sofia Klingberg

Inclusion & Diversity Manager
Amir Nazari  - Inclusion & Diversity Manager

Amir Nazari

Inclusion & Diversity Manager
Picture of one of our employees Zain Nadra

Meet Zain

Zain Nadra was the first female participant in our Immigrated Competence Programme. Zain, a mechanical engineer from Syria, came to Sweden in 2015. After a job placement at AFRY in Stockholm, she became a full-time employee.
Daniel Sletteberg Loveryd at the AFRY office in Gothenburg, Sweden

Daniel recruits developers from all over the world

Daniel Sletteberg Loveryd works as a Section Manager at AFRY. Recruiting globally, supported by Immigrated Competence, has made it possible for Daniel to find the best candidates.