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In today's ever-evolving industry landscape, challenges go beyond supply chain disruptions and End-Of-Life for electronic components. These challenges divert valuable engineering resources, stalling innovation and impacting manufacturing and sales.

R&D on demand - AFRY's tailored delivery.
AFRY's tailored delivery – R&D on demand.

During the past years, AFRY has successfully provided obsolescence management and re-design services for LTB and support for strategic obsolescence management for many different industries, including forklifts, aerospace, defence, energy solutions, telecom, medtech, and automotive.


What can AFRY offer?

Supply chain optimisation Arrow pointing right

At AFRY, we specialise in conducting a meticulous analysis of your supply chain, identifying bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities. Our experts propose strategies for diversifying suppliers, optimising inventory management, and providing alternative sourcing options to mitigate supply chain disruptions. Additionally, we can completely manage the redesign of existing products, liberating your engineers to focus on groundbreaking innovations.

Our supply chain also prioritises sustainability, from selecting ethically responsible suppliers and materials to optimising transportation routes and minimising waste.

Product lifecycle management / Technology road mapping Arrow pointing right

Our approach extends to developing a comprehensive product lifecycle management plan. We are using tools to monitor component life cycle status and availability as part of the product responsibility we have with several customers.

A forward-looking technology roadmap allows us to anticipate component EOL issues, minimise impacts on existing products, identify alternative components, ensure their quality and facilitate smoother transitions to newer technologies with sustainability at the forefront.

Innovation support Arrow pointing right

AFRY understands the significance of innovation. We can establish dedicated teams or resources to support innovation and new product development.

This can involve allocating specific personnel to handle redesign activities, allowing the main engineering teams to focus on groundbreaking innovations with the promise of sustainability at every step.

Sofia Persson Björk
Sofia Persson Björk

"We are supporting multiple customers with product innovation, for instance within water efficient shower filters, conveyors and telecom tools. As part of our product responsibility, we employ tools to monitor the status and availability of component life cycles."

- Sofia Persson Björk, Section Manager, Connected Products.

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Previous client project
We collaborate with a diverse group of prominent clients across various industries. Allow us to delve into a specific project that highlights our expertise.

Navigating supply chain challenges for a global med-tech company

Our partner is a global medical technology company specialising in solutions for surgical workflows, intensive care units (ICUs), and various medical sectors. As part of a renowned global provider of medical technology products and systems, they grappled with supply chain disruptions and End-of-Life (EOL) issues.

Project context

The challenge our client faced extended far beyond supply chain disruptions and EOL complications. These issues strained manufacturing capacity, sales, and innovation endeavors. Valuable engineering resources were continually allocated to the redesign of existing products, diverting focus from new developments.

Project goal

We embarked on a mission to resolve these multifaceted challenges and take charge of redesigning existing products. Our objective was to expedite the redesign phase, allowing engineers to channel their energies into innovative endeavors. Furthermore, we undertook the management of products nearing EOL, identifying alternative components, ensuring their qualification, guaranteeing availability, and planning for seamless transitions to newer technologies.

Sustainability integration

AFRY integrated sustainability practices into the redesign process, exploring eco-friendly materials, designing for recyclability, and enforcing responsible disposal practices for replaced components. This translated into embedding sustainability within the supply chain practices, encompassing the selection of environmentally and ethically responsible suppliers.

The result

Through dedication and expertise, we successfully resolved all issues, empowering our client to produce and sell products in alignment with their customer orders. This case exemplifies our ability to address industry-wide challenges and deliver results that foster innovation and drive sustainable growth.

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Sofia Persson Björk - Section Manager, Connected Products, Product & Software Engineering

Sofia Persson Björk

Section Manager, Connected Products, Product & Software Engineering

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