Preem - Project Synsat (Image: Preem)

AFRY as an engineering partner in Preem’s revamp of the existing Synsat plant to produce renewable fuel

Preem has awarded AFRY the pre-study assignment of a project to revamp the existing Synsat plant at their refinery in Lysekil, Sweden, to increase the production of renewable fuels. The assignment includes a feasibility and basic design study, which will be done in close cooperation with Preem. The services consist of engineering management and scheduling, process, piping, electrical, instrumentation engineering as well as civil and structural design.

To achieve Sweden's climate goals and 70 percent less emissions from traffic by 2030, the proportion of renewable fuels needs to increase. Preem is the largest fuel company in Sweden and delivers half of consumed fuels in Sweden. Preem aims to be a leader in the sustainable transition and invests in developing fuel with significantly lower climate impact and is currently involved in several sustainability projects for more renewable products and fuels.

The goal of the revamped Synsat plant is to become the largest producer of renewable fuels in Scandinavia with an estimated carbon dioxide reduction of 1.2-1.7 million tonnes annually covering the entire value chain, with the largest reduction achieved in the road traffic. When the conversion is completed, the plant will have capacity to process 40% more renewable raw materials with the overall target for even higher capacity in future. At the same time, Preem is phasing out the corresponding amount of fossil raw material.

“Starting the work with large-scale renewable production at Lysekil Refinery is for us an important step in our transition towards a renewable fuel production. We chose AFRY as a partner for this work since AFRY’s competence well-matched our needs,” says Rickard Lycke, Preem Project Manager for Synsat Revamp.

“We are extremely proud to be a part of Preem's investment and have the opportunity to contribute to the transition to more sustainable solutions for the future that is our key focus area. With support from our experts, Preem can move forward with its future plans,” says Jörgen Katz, BU Manager at AFRY.


For further information, please contact:

Lisa Vedin

Head of Process Industries Sweden

Jörgen Katz

Head of Business Sector Chemicals