MVA Strass

AFRY sells Austrian state-certified laboratory to Fröschl Group


The Materialversuchanstalt Strass (MVA Strass) is a laboratory for testing construction materials, located in Strass im Zillertal in Austria. It has its origin in different site laboratories for the hydropower plants of Tauernkraftwerke AG.

In 1964, an earthworks laboratory was established for the Durlassboden Dam, which can be seen as the hour of birth of the MVA Strass. The lab was moved from site to site and was used for the Zemmkraftwerke, the Malta HPP and many other energy and infrastructure projects in Austria.

MVA Strass

It achieved formal certification by the Austrian state in 1976 and was relocated back to Strass in 1978. In 2004, it was acquired by Pöyry as part of the Verbundplan Group acquisition. In 2019, Pöyry and ÅF joined forces and the lab has, since then, been owned and run by AFRY.

The laboratory has now been sold to the Fröschl Group, effective 1 September 2020.

“We are pleased to have found such a strategically suitable partner as the Fröschl Group, who we are confident will continue to develop the MVA Strass and we look forward to concentrating on making future with our clients in the fields of engineering and consulting”, says Johannes Dölzlmüller, Country Manager Austria at AFRY.


Ernst Zeller - Geschäftsführer / Country Manager Österreich / Leiter Wasserkraft Europa

Ernst Zeller

Managing Director / Country Manager Austria / Regional Director Hydropower

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