AFRY signs #wecandoit


AFRY's Henrik Tegnér is one of 600 global leaders signing the #wecandoit – a climate call to action

The signatories of this still believe there is hope, and that our destiny is within our hands. We at AFRY share the belief that we have the power to create a greener, cleaner, and brighter tomorrow.

During the Second World War, people rose to the challenge to secure their freedom and future. We can do it was a campaign originally aimed towards female factory workers. Decades later the campaign took the form of a uniting slogan, encouraging everyone to step up and do their part to tackle difficult challenges – and to show that with grit, determination, and teamwork, it can be done.

Now, it is used to address the urgent need for a common determination to take climate action. #wecandoit is initiated by We don’t have time together with UNDP, The Exponential Roadmap Initiative and GoClimate. So far, over 600 company leaders stand behind it.


"We need to urgently step up to the challenge and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and build a clean and sustainable future, for us and for generations to come. The evidence is clear, the facts are undisputable, and the solutions are available. Now we need courage and determination – and action from politicians as well as from the business community.”

Henrik Tegnér, Head of Strategy and Sustainability at AFRY.

Henrik Tegnér, EVP and Head of Strategy & Sustainability

Along with other companies, we are ready to take responsibility and push for this shift to take place. And we need to make it happen now. Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society, and we do this in collaboration with our clients in the infrastructure, industrial and energy sector. Globally, we need to halve the emissions by 2030 in order to have a chance to meet the 1.5-degree target. Every degree above this limit means catastrophic consequences, and we need to everything we can to limit the rise in temperature. There is no time to wait, concrete action is needed now.

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