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AFRY is part of the Swedish delegation at this year’s most important climate conference - COP28

The whole world is grappling with simultaneous crises and an unsatisfactory emissions trajectory when it comes to greenhouse gases.

We believe that it is more important than ever to stick to ambitious climate goals and actions as well as to showcase tangible solutions to the climate crisis.

As part of the Business Sweden delegation, AFRY will attend the COP28 conference and host events, engage with peers, decision-makers and experts on subjects closely linked to how we can accelerate the sustainability transition.

Officially known as the Conference of the Parties, COP is the most significant global conference on climate change and the main decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  

This year, on 30th of November to 12th of December, Dubai is hosting the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28). Heads of state, negotiators, ministers, and mayors, along with climate activists, businesses, and representatives of civil society met to seek renewed solidarity between countries, and to deliver on the Paris Agreement. Moreover, at this year’s COP governments will conduct for the first time a “global stocktake” that will review the progress countries have made on the emissions reduction commitments – known as “nationally determined contributions” or NDCs – made in Paris. The stocktake is expected to find that the world is significantly off-track to meet its Paris goals.

Jonas Gustavsson, CEO and President of AFRY, and Sara Lindstrand, Sustainability Director at AFRY
What is at stake during this year's conference?
Sara Lindstrand, Sustainability Director at AFRY, and Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO of AFRY, share why it's important for AFRY to be at COP28
Henrik Tegnér, EVP Strategy and Sustainability at AFRY
Henrik Tegnér, EVP Strategy and Sustainability at AFRY

"Now is the time to not only level up long-term ambition but also illustrate that concrete positive impact happening already today. AFRY will attend this year’s COP to showcase our solutions within the energy transition and the green industrial transformation, how to reconcile climate change ambitions with biodiversity targets as well as to discuss the importance of sustainable leadership in times of uncertainty," says Henrik Tegnér, EVP Strategy and Sustainability at AFRY.

The AFRY COP28 delegation consist of our President and CEO Jonas Gustavsson, EVP Strategy and Sustainability Henrik Tegnér, EVP Energy Division Linda Pålsson and our UAE Management Consulting Director Brendan Cronin.  

During the conference, AFRY’s delegation will participate in several events in collaboration with Business Sweden and others. All of the events will be hybrid sessions that will be broadcast on the Business Sweden livestream (unless stated otherwise) and can be found below.

AFRY's events during COP28

All our events will be broadcast on the Business Sweden livestream.

Navigating the climate challenge: sustainable leadership in action, with Jonas Gustavsson
Saturday 2nd December, 09:00 CET

Clean energy imperative: a global perspective on the energy transition, with Linda Pålsson and Henrik Tegnér
Tuesday 5th December, 07:00CET

What does the future hold? Scenarios in a world driven by uncertainty, with Brendan Cronin and Henrik Tegnér
Friday 8th December, 11:00 CET

Biodiversity frameworks - how do they translate into viable business strategies and local action? with Henrik Tegnér
Saturday 9th December, 12.00 CET

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Other events with AFRY speakers

 Unless stated otherwise, all events will be broadcast on the Business Sweden livestream.


Swedish leadership in cutting emissions and boosting sustainable growth and economic empowerment on a global market, with Jonas Gustavsson
Thursday 2nd December, 11:00 CET
Organised by Svenskt Näringsliv

Gearing up Africa’s energy transition by conducive policy and legislative frameworks, with Antonio Nodari
Monday 4th December, 10:30 CET
Organised by RES4Africa
Broadcast on the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security livestream

Navigating the path to net zero: capital markets and corporate sustainability, with Henrik Tegnér
Monday 4th December, 11:00 CET
Organised by Nasdaq

The role of climate policy frameworks in driving the green transition, with Henrik Tegnér
Friday 8th December, 14:00 CET
Organised by Climate View

Circularity, material and energy independence in the energy sector, with Henrik Tegnér
Saturday 9th December, 11:00 CET
Organised by Sthlm Exergi

Recirculation of phosphorus - planetary boundaries, with Henrik Tegnér
Sunday 10th December, 09:00 CET
Organised by Ragn-Sells

Feeding a megacity within the planetary boundaries and what will it mean for the built environment, with Henrik Tegnér
Sunday 10th December, 11:00 CET
Organised by Ragn-Sells

Henrik Tegnér - Strategi- och hållbarhetschef

Henrik Tegnér

EVP and Head of Strategy and Sustainability

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