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Introducing the autumn 2023 Bioindustry edition of AFRY Insights

Welcome to the latest edition of AFRY Insights Bioindustry, where we explore the bio-based industries' journey towards net zero.

The path to net zero is broad, complicated and long. While we are on the way there, we haven't taken the plunge yet. When are we going to run and jump?

Exploring various complexities and obstacles on the path to net zero

Our experts and clients discuss the challenges on the way to net zero in dialogue, as they do in our daily work when we address business challenges and find ways forward.

This time, the topics vary from the navigation of complex sets of regulations that have the EU Green Deal at their centre and are mandatory to drive change forward to the evolving role of the forest amidst the reality of climate-change adaptation.

Join us as we share the latest insights into consumer behaviours, thanks to our renewed survey, and as we lay out the roles of the EU Taxonomy and CSRD, to name just two, in the strategies that will bring us forward across industries.

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