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PROFINET implementation over private 5G network

PROFINET implementation over private 5G network

AFRY has successfully implemented a proof-of-concept where connected PLCs wirelessly delivered robust, time-critical data communication over PROFINET, the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard in the market.

Wireless communication has been made possible through Ericsson's Industry Connect (4G / 5G), which is available for customer trials in AFRY's office in Stockholm.

5G standard organisations have identified a number of use cases in Industry 4.0 where 5G can play a decisive role. Some of these use cases include mobile PLCs (programmable logic controller).

AFRYs implemented trials with PROFINET (industry protocol) is considered to be one of the most important and difficult applications to solve in order for 5G to have a decisive role in Industry 4.0.

"Now we have validated the technology against one of the most challenging requirements for 5G within Industrial Automation and Safety, and proved that the technology lives up to its expectations", says Jörgen Håkansson, OT Infrastructure Architect at AFRY.

On November 26th, corresponding tests will be performed at Ericsson in Gothenburg, utilising the latest version of Industry Connect with an updated 5G implementation. The purpose of these new trials is to further optimise the stringent latency requirements for PLCs and PROFINET.

Eskil Bendz - Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions

Eskil Bendz

Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions

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