Lighthouse in choppy waters

Resilience, intelligence and excellence - AFRY Insights released


In the latest edition of AFRY Insights Energy we are exploring the themes of resilience, intelligence and excellence, qualities that have guided us in designing this issue of our magazine in light of the current geopolitical situation.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine dominates much of our colleagues' analyses, especially with regard to the new, riskier gas market, supply chain challenges and much more. However the question around climate change is as important as ever, driving us to take a stand on sustainability issues.

The latest edition also contains two interviews with leaders demonstrating resilience and excellence. Lisen Oliw, Managing Director Nordics at Norrsken Foundation, spoke about how the foundation enables entrepreneurs to solve the most urgent problems of our time. Meanwhile, Luca Maria Rossi, Vice President, New Frontiers at Baker Hughes, explained their ambitious net zero commitment and how they are taking customers on this journey.

As always, your feedback and comments are welcome, so that we can improve our next issue. We remain curious and make it our mission to bring you new ideas, perspectives and insights in order.

Lighthouse in choppy waters

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Explore the themes of resilience, intelligence and excellence together with us in the latest edition of AFRY Insights Energy.