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ÅF brings innovation to wildlife management

Wed, 13/05/2015 - 13:04 CEST

Together with Nordic Gamekeeper AB, ÅF has been involved in developing a revolutionary product for wildlife management.

Together with Nordic Gamekeeper AB, ÅF has been involved in developing a revolutionary product for wildlife management. FeedCon is a smart, remote-control unit for timer-controlled feeders. The product facilitates hunt planning and game management, which improves both control and safety, and saves time.

“FeedCon controls and monitors modern feeders via an app on your smartphone, whatever your location. For example, you can set feeding times, set an alarm to alert you to disruptions, shutdowns, low feed levels, etc. You can even receive information and a history showing when the wild boar have visited a particular feeder. ÅF has demonstrated innovative capability, commitment and a fantastic level of expertise,” says Carl Pfeiff, owner and CEO of Nordic Gamekeeper AB.

ÅF has supplied most of the services required, such as systems development, industrial design, plastic, electronic and mechanical design, and also illustrations, technical documentation, project management, packaging development and supply chain.

“ÅF is a company with focus on technique and innovation and it has been very exciting to take part of the development of this product. We have really been able to show the width of our competences in the field,” says Jonas Larsson, Business Area Manager Product Engineering.

“ÅF has worked with Nordic Gamekeeper to develop a complete product that is highly innovative, in a process where we both had the chance to explore the possibilities of technology and design to create a user-friendly, smart product,” says Daniel Kreutz, Market Area Manager Product Engineering.


FeedCon will be launched at Elmia Game Fair on 14-16 May.

Fredrik Nylén, President Technology Division    +46 73 028 31 58
Jonas Larsson, Business Area Manager     +46 70 330 01 27

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