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ÅF to examine Gothenburg’s next big infrastructure project

Fri, 28/06/2019 - 08:10 CEST

The assignment concerns a feasibility study of a new tramway line and city bus in Gothenburg, Sweden. The purpose of the study is to enable the construction of a new link between Frihamnen and Lindholmen. It is estimated that the tramway and city bus will be ready in 2022, with operations set to start in early 2023.

The City of Gothenburg has planned for a new tramway line and city bus between Brunnsbo and Linnéplatsen, through Lindholmen and Frihamnen. As the project is set to take several years, it has been divided into three stages, the first of which being the stretch Frihamnen-Lindholmen. ÅF has been commissioned by the Traffic Administration Office of Gothenburg to produce a feasibility study with the aim of ensuring construction of the first stretch between Frihamnen-Lindholmen.

We are happy and proud to be a part of, and to contribute to, such an important infrastructure investment. It is an exciting and challenging project, not least because of the impact other ongoing and planned projects in the area will have on the design of the new link, said Kajsa Rosén, Head of the Business Area Transportation at ÅF.

The project is a part of a number of measures presented in the Region Västa Götaland’s document Målbild Koll 2035, which outlines the region’s vision for the future of public transport. The study will examine the conditions for how the construction may fulfil the attributes listed in Målbild Koll 2035. The link is a part of the agreement Sverigeförhandlingen (the National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure) and its funding is derived from a combination of the government, region and municipalities.

As part of the assignment, ÅF contributes with, among other services, traffic suggestions, capacity assessments, system solutions for tramway traffic, risk analyses and environmental checks.

Kajsa Rosén, Head of Business Area Transportation, ÅF
+4670-724 64 30

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