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ÅF expands in new Green Building in Gothenburg

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 09:21 CEST

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Jonas Wiström, President & CEO   +46 (0)70-608 12 20
Viktor Svensson, Executive Vice President, Corporate Information   +46 (0)70-
657 20 26

ÅF has signed a 10-year tenancy agreement with Skanska for 7,500 square metres
of premises in a new "green building" on Grafiska Vägen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ÅF plans to double the size of its operations in Gothenburg by 2015. This new
"ÅF House" not only provides the office space necessary to accommodate this
expansion, but also reflects ÅF's high environmental standards. At present, ÅF
employs approximately 450 technical consultants in Gothenburg.

The building will have a total floor space of approximately 14,000 square metres
and will be developed in close liaison with Skanska. ÅF's own consultants will
lead the project engineering work for the building's technical installations for
energy efficiency, HVAC and sanitation, electricity, lighting and acoustics.

The building will be specially designed and constructed to project a positive
environmental image. This includes certification conforming to the highest level
of the internationally recognised environmental building system LEED (Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design) and Green Building criteria.

The property is expected to be ready for occupancy in January 2014.

ÅF and Skanska engaged in similar collaboration to develop ÅF's new headquarters
in Stockholm (inaugurated in 2008). ÅF House in Stockholm was the first
certified Green Building in Sweden.

The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more
than a century of experience.
We offer highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes,
infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT systems. Today
the ÅF Group has more than 4,500 employees. Our base is in Europe, but our
business and our clients are found all over the world.

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