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ÅF wins Volvo Cars Technology Award 2014

Wed, 10/12/2014 - 14:05 CET

ÅF was one of few consulting firms that received awards at this year’s Volvo Cars Technology Awards (VCTA) in Gothenburg.

ÅF was one of few consulting firms that received awards at this year’s Volvo Cars Technology Awards (VCTA) in Gothenburg.


The VCTA is Volvo Car’s most prestigious technology award and is meant to recognize and reward the innovations of its employees or consultants. ÅF, with three of its consultants, was the only company to receive awards for fantastic efforts and work in the fields of active safety and infotainment.

“The fact that ÅF and our consultants were acknowledged in this context is further proof that we are at the forefront of technology and active safety,” says Nils Malmros, Business Area Manager for ÅF Technology. “ÅF is also one of the companies that has partnered with Volvo Cars in the Non-Hit Car and Truck project on the development of next-generation sensor fusion technology. Our consultants are really demonstrating their amazing skills and are doing an outstanding job.”

The categories for the VCTA are research, product development, and manufacturing. The criteria are: new technology with a focus on innovation, good engineering science, proven results, and benefit to Volvo Cars. ÅF’s consultants won technology awards for promoting increased road safety and a more flexible and comfortable driving experience.


Frederick Björkqvist won an award for “Virtual Verification of Electronic Horizon Functionality”, which means tests can be done by simulating a stretch of road instead of driving with a physical vehicle.

Michael Lellky won an award for “Road Geometry Fusion”, a detection function in the field of active safety that includes detecting vehicles ahead.

Martin Hansson won an award for “Sensors Onboard Connected Apps”, which enables downloading of third-party applications to cars.

For further information, contact Nils Malmros.

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