Niklas Andersson

Niklas Andersson - one of our cyber security consultants

Meet Niklas Andersson, cyber security consultant at AFRY

Niklas Andersson is currently working with cyber security while finishing his last semester of a master program in Information security. Learn more about his experience about working at AFRY

After working for a company that was acquired by AFRY, Niklas shares his thoughts about being able to work with AFRY while finishing his master's degree in Information security.

"I was very excited to be able to work here at AFRY due to the vast competencies here. There are a lot of experienced and kind people that here to learn from. When stepping into the office you get the feeling that everyone is eager to share their knowledge and everyone is very friendly."

"One of these people who gave me a great first impression is my boss who I got a great connection with when I started here. She really believes in me and has put a lot of value on my own personal growth, improving and learning more about cyber security."


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"The first thing I noticed was the same as many others point out, it’s a really nice office here in Solna. The lasting impression was from the co-workers however, everyone was very friendly and seemed happy at the possibility to share their knowledge in the field."

What does "Making Future" mean for you?

"Making Future" can mean a lot of different things but since i work in National security it means to create a safe and secure society moving into the future. It is also especially important within information security since it is a developing field.

What has been the most fun for you?

I have been working on some very exciting projects within Information and protective security and having fun with my coworkers but the Christmas party we had in December stands out.

Who are you outside of work?

When I’m not studying or working I’m not too exciting. I like to spend time with friends or do something active and work-out in different ways (preferably not running). I rarely turn down the possibility to watch some football with friends.

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