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Case Renta - Analytics as the brain of the company

Analytics as the brain of the company

How analytics becomes the brain of a company? Our client Renta has solved the puzzle by bringing data and analytics at the heart of Renta’s digitalisation strategy.

Renta One: The brain of the decentralised architecture

Data and analytics are at the heart of Renta’s digitalisation strategy. Supported by a custom global data and analytics solution, Renta is able to efficiently unify information from the independent operational management and financial systems of each operating country.

Renta One is a browser-based management view, which brings the company’s data to all operating levels and employees in a unified form. With the assistance of the solution, the global data of the company for various countries can undergo comparison within a capability that monitors business almost in real-time. The solution is based on AFRY’s Financial Hub and Management Hub solution concepts.

Renta One and other Qlik-based analytics solutions enable real-time management of the machine rental business on a day-to-day basis.


Renta DigiOffice: Operating models of digital product development are also used in the implementation of internal solutions

Renta’s digital advantage is their key distinguishing factor and competitive advantage in the machine rental market. From the outset, Renta has dedicated resources to the development of digital solutions that surpass its competitors. These solutions are designed not only for the benefit of its own employees but also for its clients.

Solution development is organised in an agile Renta DigiOffice, separate from the rest of the IT organisation. In the DevOps model, professionals from Renta, AFRY, and other partners act as one cohesive team. They establish and sustain digital tools efficiently, fostering a close relationship of trust.

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From the client

“Our analytics solution is the brain of our decentralised architecture, where data from systems in different countries is harmonised and refined into visual reporting for end users. Without it, effective management of the company with the chosen architecture would not be possible.”

– Lauri Matikainen, CFO, Renta Group


"For us, data analytics is not just an IT job among other jobs, but an already actualised competitive advantage, which enables Renta to grow at record speed into one of the leading machine rental companies in Northern Europe.”

– Joel Särkkä, CIO, Renta Group

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Client information

  • Client: Renta Group
  • Partnership formed: 2020
  • Technologies: Qlik Sense, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Partnership in brief

  • Continuous development of the data architecture
  • Data Engineering (continuous development of the data platform and data management)
  • Implementation of analytics solutions and SaaS modernisation of the Qlik environment
  • Continuous DevOps cooperation in Renta’s Digi Office
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Partnership benefits

”AFRY has been an excellent partner for Renta. It is important for us to have long-term cooperation with our key partners, based on a shared vision of the future and flexibility on both sides. We highly value AFRY’s proactivity and solution orientation. AFRY’s experts are in direct cooperation with Renta’s business and actively participate in the development of operations.”

– Lauri Matikainen, CFO, Renta Group

Renta in brief

Renta Group Oy is a Finnish company that started operating in 2016, focusing on rentals of construction machinery and equipment. Renta operates in Northern Europe in 8 countries with more than 1,500 employees in a network of 136 locations. The rental equipment offer covers a wide range of machines and equipment used on construction sites, as well as related services. In addition to construction machinery, the company offers construction sites, scaffolding and weather protection services, as well as construction site services.

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Ossi Erkkilä - Director of Data Solutions, AFRY Management Consulting
Ossi Erkkilä
Director of Data Solutions, AFRY Management Consulting

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