The project included the construction of new production buildings, cooling towers, a pipe bridge as well as reconstruction and expansion of existing buildings.

Facility expansion for large pharmaceutical manufacturer

About the project

In this project, a large Danish pharmaceutical manufacturer chose AFRY to be a trusted partner on several facility expansions. The overall objective of the project was to increase the client’s production capacity of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases.

The project included the construction of new production buildings, cooling towers, a pipe bridge as well as reconstruction and expansion of existing buildings. What made this project challenging was the fact that we had to avoid downtime and keep plant production running, and that several of the project stages were carried out simultaneously such as Conceptual design, Basic Design, Detail Design, and construction management. For that specific reason, AFRY drew on several prerequisites and knowledge that our experts have gained on other similar project in the Food & Life Science industry.

AFRY’s role

Projects like these play to AFRY’s strengths because we can provide all required engineering and architectural disciplines. For the client it meant that AFRY acted as one-stop-shop and delivered full-scale consultancy services as well as work environment coordination, environmental management, construction management, and supervision. For the client it meant fewer interfaces which is important to improve communication, manage the project stakeholders, and reduce problems and conflicts. For AFRY it meant that we could create greater transparency and more clarity over roles, responsibility, and deliverables.

Experts within civil works, automation, structural engineering, electrical engineering, and pharma have all contributed to this complex project. Furthermore, consultants and experts from Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Denmark contributed with cross-border services and competences.

Being a trusted partner for a client means that we take time to identify and adapt to our client’s current and future needs, and we take existing facilities, processes, and methods into consideration in all that we do. When we work for the same client over time, we gain valuable knowledge and understanding of the company and are able to tailor-make our solutions even further. That is key to staying a trusted partner.


Client: Confidential

Project: Facility expansions approximately 5 000 square metres

Project period: 2022-2024

AFRY´s role: Full-scale engineering services on facility expansion for production of pharmaceutical products.

Leading solutions within life science

Leading solutions within life science

Pharma & Life science is an industry under constant change. New competences, processes and systems are being developed all the time, and all the while there are strict requirements to quality and compliance. At AFRY we help our clients navigate through the complexity and comply with all rules and regulations.

We design and implement compliant, effective, safe, and environmentally friendly production lines and plants together with our clients.

Our multidisciplinary engineering, consulting and project management services cover the plant's entire life cycle from studies to CAPEX investments and to daily operational support assignments. Our offering covers all operations of the industrial plant from raw-material handling to processes, manufacturing lines turnkey deliveries and robotics, energy production and to buildings and infrastructure.


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Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen - Department Director, Life Science, Industry Buildings, Buildings (Denmark)

Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen

Afdelingsdirektør, Life Science, Industry Buildings

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