New Hospital area in Malmö

Hospitals - New Hospital area in Malmö

New Hospital area in Malmö

County Council Region Skåne is investing heavily in the hospital area in Malmö. The aim is creating a modern hospital, set to meet the healthcare requirements of the future.

Several new buildings are being added to the hospital in Malmö, including a new main block, a new service centre/technical building and an extensive underground culvert system. First out are two high spec buildings of 6 000 and 9 000 sqm, respectively, for internal medicine, operation, ophthalmic, endocrine and pulmonary medicine. are designing systems for HVAC and medical gases for the preplacement module buildings, approx 25 000 sqm.

Next up is the sizeable main block, which will add a further 70 000 sqm. Its exact design has not yet been decided, but it is likely that it will have nine or ten stories.

To improve the quality of care and meet high standards for the prevention of infection, most inpatients will have private rooms, with their own toilet and shower.

The hospital will also have a new service centre, bringing together logistics and service functions. To reduce the number of transports within the hospital area, the culvert system will be extended, connecting the buildings and the new service centre and creating more efficient flows of goods and waste. AFRY are designing the ventilation, heating, sanitation, control, medical gases and tap water systems for the new and existing culverts, covering some 6000 metres in length.

Client: Region Skåne (County council)
Object: New hospital area in Malmö, approx. 70.000 sqm
Project: New main block, temporary replacement facilities, technical building and infrastructure, i e culverts for transportation and technical installations
Period: 2014-2022
AFRYs role: Design of all technical installations


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