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Liquid Light® ensures sustainability and an inspiring visual environment at Powerhouse in Trondheim

Powerhouse Brattørkaia, Norway

Liquid Light® combined with functional lighting optimizes energy consumption and adds a unique visual expression at the world's northernmost energy-positive building.

Powerhouse at Brattørkaia is located in Trondheim and designed to be the first office building in Norway to produce more energy than it uses. In fact, the construction is designed so that the excess energy produced during the building's operational lifetime will exceed the energy used to produce the materials, and to build, operate, and even demolish the building. At daytime when the sun shines on the building, it generates more energy than it needs.


Liquid Light - Energy optimization, without compromising aesthetics and visual comfort

Light Bureau implemented their new design concept Liquid Light in order to meet the high requirements for energy efficiency and usability. Liquid Light is inspired by natural light and based on the philosophy that the lighting should respond and adapt to the changes that is physically happening through the day.

Consistent with the stunning location near the fiord the lighting scenarios are uniquely determined by real-time data harvested from organic and natural sources. This will create an ever-changing visual identity both inside and outside the building, designed to add a positive atmosphere. Varying temperatures, seasons, as well as direct and indirect sunlight, will influence how the lighting moves layer wise from the edges of the building.

“We are not trying to copy nature, but rather adapt to it. For example, if the weather outside is rough and cold, the lighting could adapt by bringing warmth and calm lighting into the building. The lighting changes organically in parallel with the outside environment. It adds a natural element to the lighting installations and the architecture with the intention of connecting people to their surroundings”, says Country Manager, Morten Jensen.

At Powerhouse, hundreds of sensors with predefined settings, determined by the time of day, week or year, will control the lighting scenarios.

“We know that people feel positive when the lighting harmonises with their tasks or location in a workspace. Liquid Light is designed to adapt and guide each person as he or she moves around in the building. Sensors trigger movements and the lighting seamlessly changes and adapts accordingly, which creates a sense of well-being”, explains Lighting Designer, Thea Collett.

Energy-positive constructions are designed to play an important part of the solution to global warming, and Powerhouse is no exception. Snøhetta has created a completely new architectural concept which aims to set the standard for future-oriented commercial buildings.

Powerhouse at Brattørkaia is designed to be an excellent and comfortable office space characterised by, among other things, unique daylight and artificial lighting design.


Powerhouse Exterior

Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Morten Jensen - Director Light Bureau in Norway
Morten Jensen
Director Light Bureau in Norway

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