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At Light Bureau we take pride in delivering made-to-measure lighting solutions to our clients

Light Bureau is an international lighting design practice with a comprehensive portfolio of award winning projects within workplace, residen­tial, hospitality, public realm & master-planning.

We develop and deliver connected lighting solutions for complex infrastructure projects, architecture, design, buildings and urban planning. Our customers are established in both private and public sectors, and we operate all over the world.

Innovation and attention to details is at the core of our design process. We always aim at establishing a strong conceptual basis linked to the specific site conditions and user needs. We are involved from early concept development all the way through the different design stages to final delivery and quality control. This ensures consistency and high-end results with a unique identity.

Our approach to lighting design is based on collaboration with our clients and design team and a focus on livable environments and sustainability. We believe that it takes an inter-disciplinary team to create solutions capable of meeting the challenges of a complex globalised world. We have more than 100 dedicated specialists, including designers, engineers, architects, anthropologists, planners, 3D and VR specialists and experts in art and communication based in offices across Scandinavia and Europe.

Light Bureau is part of the business area Architecture & Design at AFRY comprising 500 employees working in AFRY’s architect and design units.


Click on the link below to find our local offices and key contacts. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Liquid Light®

In pursuit of the perfect balance between user experience and optimized energy consumption Liquid Light was born.

Liquid Light is a design concept that brings light to life and improves our surroundings visually. The lighting adapts to the users and creates a visual environment with its own unique expression.

With Liquid Light we optimise the quality of light and reduce energy consumption. 

How to light your home office

Are you taking care of your eyes when working from home?

While working from home seems to be the new normal for many these days, you might as well take advantage of this situation and design your own lighting set-up. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you light your workspace just right. 

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Lars Barthold Hansen

Market Area Manager, Light Bureau (Denmark)

Morten Jensen

Country Manager, Light Bureau Norway

Ronnie Eriksson

Country Manager, Light Bureau Sweden

Arve Olsen

Country Manager, Light Bureau UK

Kai Piippo

Head of Design, Light Bureau

Paul Traynor

Head of Light Bureau

Carin Paulsson

Head of Marketing and Communication, Light Bureau

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