RPC Trelleborg

RPC Trelleborg

Outside of Swedish Trelleborg is Rättspsykiatriskt Centrum - a high security facility for psychiatric care and research. It was initially commissioned as a passive house, which is to say an unusually well insulated building with particularly efficient heating and ventilation. But regional authorities went one better and ordered a plus energy building - that is, one which produces more energy that what is required for its operation.

Solar water heating covers hot water requirements in summer, and photovoltaic cells provide electricity for fans and pumps. The property has its own wind turbine, which generates electricity. AFRY has provided specialist services for installation coordination, project management and coordination of technical systems. This includes monitoring the air flow and quality, to ensure that that the indoor climate is as required and that the energy consumption is as low as possible. We also designed the fire sprinkler systems, with the safety and security of patients and carers in mind. RPC is the largest plus energy building in Sweden and was named Building of the Year in 2017.


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