A sustainable city

Using Nudging with AI for a more sustainable lifestyle

How do we best use AI to move towards a sustainable society?

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that AFRY has been able to leverage for a real estate company to make people live a life that is better for the environment and more sustainable

The challenge

Climate change is an important issue for society and for real estate companies. Real estate companies need to reduce their climate impact and energy costs.

User behavior constitutes a large part of the climate impact, while we as a society are facing a major climate transition. How can a real estate company make it easier for its residents to live more sustainably?

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The Solutions

A research project that combines competencies in sustainability and climate, behavioral research on nudging on digital platforms, and artificial intelligence (AI). AFRY created a large library of tips/messages that promote a sustainable lifestyle and constructs a digital platform with an algorithm that can optimize the user experience for each resident. The algorithm takes into account that the climate impact and price of electricity varies during the day and between seasons and can help the user to reduce or shift their electricity use when it is most important for the climate.

Client benefit

The real estate company Tornet can position itself at the forefront of smart energy solutions and nudging, which benefits them in land allocations. Reduced climate impact and reduced energy costs.

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