Bioindustry Investment Assessments

Viability of capital investments plays a crucial role for the business in capital intensive industries. Our pre-investment services help you identify the most attractive investment cases all along the way, starting from general opportunity studies with the objective of pinpointing investment proposals, and developing them to full-blown feasibility assessments.

In the rapidly changing markets, a solid investment planning and investment assessment are critical to ensure appropriate returns on investment. Requirements of financiers are important to be met both in terms of the robustness of investment plans as well as the credibility of financial indicators such CAPEX, OPEX, IRR, payback time, NPV etc...

Our pre-investment study services provide an independent base for investment decisions combining all essential elements of an industrial project – technical, economic, commercial and environmental matters topped up with risk analysis.

We advise project developers and financiers related to investments in countless various markets within the global forest products sector and bioeconomy. Our decades’ long history in techno-economic investment assessments combined with sector specific business insights lead to services, which are really trusted worldwide.


Our services cover all stages of the pre-investment stage, including:
  • Conceptual feasibility evaluation
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Second opinions


Kalle Turkkila - Director, Industry Management Consulting
Kalle Turkkila
Director, Industry Management Consulting

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