A rail tunnel being excavated using drill & blast method


AFRY's solutions for blasting

We are specialized in vibration and the environmental impacts that arise in construction and building projects.

We offer technical advice and perform risk analyses, measurements and structural surveys in connection with land development and construction, excavation, blasting, piling and other vibration-causing activities.

We create cost-effective solutions for construction with environmental responsibility and minimize the related risks. In everything from planning and construction documents and administrative regulations to excavation, drilling, piling and blasting, our consultants are there to assist you with the required expertise.

We plan and supervise blasting above and below ground. We carry out impartial inspections, vibration measurements and damage investigations to assess the connection between third-party damage and the earthworks in question, such as blasting, piling and excavation.

Safety and consideration to people and the surrounding environment are our top priorities in every assignment. Our far-reaching flexibility and highly experienced expert staff guarantee that we always give you the best possible service. Our skills and knowhow keep your company on the safe side both during and after your construction projects.

Examples of services:

  • Structural surveys
  • Risk asessment
  • Damage investigation
  • Blasting
  • Vibration measurement