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Cyber Security Assessment for Software services

The Cyber Security Assessment is a comprehensive technical review to improve an application or product's cyber resilience, using industry standards and benchmarks, and provides recommendations on risk mitigation

By using the most well-known standards and benchmarks in the IT-security industry, we perform a systematic and technical cyber security assessment of an application or a product, with the aim to improve the cyber resilience of the specific system.

The assessment starts with a walkthrough of the system architecture, its build up and configuration. When the system architecture is defined and understood, matrixes that contain risks, status, and mitigations, are created for each security area to be analysed. These matrixes are then completed and tailored together with the developers and/or system owners of the system where we guide you throughout the whole process for the information gathering. We compile the data and provide a summary of the current cyber security status for the specific system.

Cyber security process

Features and benefits:
The Cyber Security Assessment allows us to assess the current security state and overview of a system, valuable information on mitigations, measurable progress to mitigate risks together with guidance and recommendations. The Assessment can be performed on products and applications that are both in the cloud as well as on-prem and it can be periodically rerun to ensure improvement

The standards used in these process are the CIS Benchmarks, NIST 800, and ISO27001 technical controls

The Cyber Security Assessment provides:

  • An evaluation of the current security state of the system

  • A list of the most prioritised mitigations for the system

  • A summary on how to best prioritise actions in regard to:

    • Breach consequence

    • Breach costs

    • Time to recover

    • Loss/corruption/encryption of data

    • Loss of revenue

Yngve Neselius  - Senior Consultant, Product & Info security
Yngve Neselius
Senior Consultant, Product & Info security

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