Delivery Models: Projects

We take on your product development projects from start to finish

We deliver managed product development projects where we take on full responsibility throughout the entire project lifecycle, from definition of requirements to final delivery.

We design, set-up and optimize your product development project for your particular needs. A project delivery from AFRY gives you many benefits:

  • It enables you to deliver technology outside your core business
  • It gives you the possibility to utilize specialist competence that does not exist within your own organization
  • Facilitates budgeting since a forecast of the total project cost is part of the delivery
  • Eliminates the need to provide resource management since we take full responsibility for recruitment and staffing according to the project’s needs.
  • Eliminates the need to provide project management since we assign a project manager who will be responsible for operative management and leadership throughout the project’s execution
  • Eliminates the need to provide office space since the project team will work from ÅF premises
  • Provides an established governance structure that ensures you the desired level of involvement and control throughout the project execution
  • Allows the possibility to agree on the delivery of pre-defined objectives and goals for each project phase

Our projects include development of products containing embedded systems and mechanics. Examples of delivered products are control units, monitoring systems and control panels for various applications in various sectors.

We deliver:
  • Pre-Studies
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Product Development Projects
  • Functional Safety Expertise
Thony Johansson
Head of PDO & Business, Connected Products

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