Snow covered forest road in Hemavan, Sweden

Safe Route Advisory

Road status forecasts for safer driving

Of all incidents on our roads, many are caused by slippery road conditions. Knowing the road conditions in real-time and for the next 24 hours will in future enable drivers to plan for a safe journey.

Road surfaces are to a great extent influenced by the weather, mainly in winter. Knowing whether roads are safe when you will be driving is of great interest to both individuals and drivers in professional or regular services.

Reliable forecasting with AI

At AFRY, we collect and connect data from various sources such as national weather services, fixed sensors and vehicles in traffic, thus obtaining reference material that, together with algorithms based on artificial intelligence, AI, provides a real-time view of the road status, as well as a forecast for the next 24 hours.

Plan for safer travel

By obtaining information about the road conditions on different sections of the road, those intending to drive can review alternative roads and thus plan for a journey that is safer, avoids accidents and minimises traffic hold-ups.

Changes in schedules and timetables

The same applies to professional and regular services. With the help of information on road conditions, both drivers and traffic planners can review routes, plan for safer driving and increase the safety of both drivers and passengers. Changes in schedules and timetables can be anticipated earlier and also communicated to the people concerned and other stakeholders.

Has the snow been cleared?

What makes the service unique is that it is a forecast specific to the road status and not the weather in general. By supplementing the service with data from road maintenance contractors, the service can also provide information about when maintenance has been carried out or needs to be carried out, such as snow-clearing and salting.

Collaboration for safer roads

The Safe Road Advisory, which is a SaaS service is the result of collaboration between AFRY, Klimator, Volvo Cars, other OEM partners and, where applicable, and part of AFRY’s work to meet the “zero vision”, that no one should be killed or seriously injured in traffic.

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