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Veronica Bertilsson

Quality Manager, one of few women in the male dominated area, Quaility Engineering

Veronica Bertilsson is one of AFRY´s Quality Engineers, working in Business Unit Quality Engineering, in Gothenburg. She chose engineering out of curiosity, always exploring how things works. Accepting challenges is one of the driving forces that enables her personal development. She wanted to work for an employer who really cares for their employees, and that offers opportunities to grow.

AFRY attracted me because of the diversity among colleagues, the wide range of assignments and the opportunities to develop.


Hello Veronica, how great to have you here, and thank you so much for taking the time to share your story!

In what way did AFRY attract you?

- What appealed me to apply for the position was the diversity among the colleagues, the wide range of assignments and the many opportunities to develop. It is important that both me and the team grow stronger together. AFRY is an employer that first of all makes sure that I´m feeling well, at work as well as in my spare time. That contributes to me as motivated employee.

Why did you choose engineering to study?

- I have always been curious and wanted to understand how things works, why one or another thing happens and to learn new things, that combination got me to choose engineering as a profession.

You´ve got more than 15 years of experience from manufacturing industry within the steel industry.

Veronica Danielson  Quality Engineering Kvalitetsingenjör

In your point of view, which is the most significant challenge being woman in an industry dominated by men?

- The first thing that comes to mind is comments that as a woman I shall put on coffee or that I´m good even though I´m a woman…"

Which advantages comes with diversity and gender equality?

- The opportunities to exploit each other’s strengths and our different ways of viewing a problem and the possible solutions. I think diversity is a strength!"

It is often a slight difference between the image you have on a company before vs during an employment. How has AFRY as an employer fulfill your expectations?

- Beyond expectations! It is easy to work at AFRY and combine that with the rest of the life. For example, as an employed I can participate in different activities through “Club AFRY”, silversmithing, orienteering, choir singing, going to Mama Mia…you name it.

- It really feels like I as an employee is important, much thanks to clear communication from HR and management. Last week we got an email with the theme ”Wellbeing” and it is not just empty words, it is accompanied by actions. Among other, we receive fresh fruit every day, flexibility in working hours and working location. I think these “soft” values raise AFRY to be appealing for women to apply."

Veronica Bertilsson spår o lydnad med schäfern möt våra anställda
Veronica Bertilsson Höghöjdsbana möt våra anställda

What do you do in your spare time?

- I strive to challenge myself. I have been training in climbing parks, even though I strongly dislike heights and I have started to do winter baths, even though I hate to be cold.

I appreciate to be active in nature in general, from training tracking and obedience with my German Shepherd to paddle and hiking in Sweden and abroad."