Design by AFRY

Design is where innovation and art meet

It’s a conscious interaction between function, identity, aesthetics and humanism for change and improvement – where sustainability is key. We develop and design products, services, processes and environments.

Independently, as part of, or together with AFRY.


"We are a design-driven company, and our vision is to provide leading sustainable engineering and design solutions for generations to come. I am proud to say that within AFRY, we have many experts excelling at their respective areas of design, including but not limited to architecture, product design and user experience design, adding great value to the company. Below you can find a curated selection of some of our projects, showing how our vision is transformed into reality."

Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO

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The Design by AFRY Lookbook

Download our digital portfolio, a curated selection of projects showing the best of design (PDF).

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